HapticLink B.V. is a Dutch start-up company focused on physical human-machine interaction for medical purposes.

“HapticLink aims to offer advanced and efficient solutions for assessment, treatment and prevention of physical impairment – for all”

The first product is currently in prototype testing and is expected to be launched in Q4 2023.

Reforter, as it is called, is an intelligent muscle strength assessment and training device.

The goal is to offer advanced modes of rehabilitation and to address the significant medical problem of muscle weakness in elderly. Even if solutions exist today, this is rarely in the form of an integrated device that is accessible to a broad population.

Reforter and successive product developments based on its proprietary technology, aim to help people remain independent or regain function, which should lead to decreased healthcare cost to society.

The connected nature of HapticLink devices and the team’s desire to translate scientific knowledge into innovative, effective and even fun training programs will revolutionize the possibilities in physical rehabilitation.

HapticLink Team

Contact: matthijsstevens@hapticlink.nl  | +31 622 420 926